March 3-7, 2014 is designated Public School Week in Texas.  As part of this week, we hope you will have an opportunity to join your child for lunch.  Please look at the list below and mark the date and times on your calendar.  We hope to see you here.
 Monday:  Picnic with Parents for Kindergarten during their lunch time (10:35am-11:05am) & 3rd Grade (11:15am-11:45am)
 Tuesday:  Picnic with Parents for 1st Grade (10:45am-11:15am) during their lunch time & 5th Grade (11:35am-12:05pm)
 Wednesday:   Picnic with Parents for 2nd Grade (10:55am-11:25am) during their lunch time & PK Morning Class Breakfast (7:20am-7:50am) & PK Afternoon Class during their lunch time (11:40am-12:10pm)
 Thursday:  Picnic with Parents for 4th Grade (11:15-11:45am)
If you are planning in attending the Picnic for Parents, please check in the office 10 minutes before your child’s lunch time begins.  You may bring lunch for yourself and your child or purchase a meal from the cafeteria for $3.00.

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